• Chair Innovation and regulation in digital services (IRSN)

    The Chair in Innovation & Regulation of Digital Services (IRSN) is interested in the digital transformation of the economy and the how this evolution can be handled by public authorities.

  • Chair Values and Policies of Personal Information (CVPIP)

    The VPIP chair aims to contribute to the development and the animation of a multidisciplinary work of reference on the collection, use and sharing of personal information, such as information about individuals (their personal lives, their professional activities, their digital identities, their contributions on social networks, etc.) including those collected by smart objects that surround […]

  • The Industrial Chair of Engineering and Frugal Innovations (I3F)

    The I3F chair (I3F is an acronym of I for Innovation, I for Engineering [Ingéniérie, in French], I for Industrial and F for frugal) is a pole of knowledge for developing and disseminating industrial knowledge and experience in the field of frugal innovation in engineering (i.e. “simple,” lacking unnecessary complexity). I3F, the first industrial chair […]

  • Chair Student Entrepreneurship in a digital world (CENE)

    The CENE is the digital student entrepreneurship chair of Télécom ParisTech. It is a teaching chair aiming at fostering digital entrepreneurship at Télécom ParisTech. We use here a wide definition of entrepreneurship as the development of innovative technological solutions that solve real user problems and that are capable to be economically and socially sustainable.