Chair Student Entrepreneurship in a digital world (CENE)


The CENE is the digital student entrepreneurship chair of Télécom ParisTech. It is a teaching chair aiming at fostering digital entrepreneurship at Télécom ParisTech.

We use here a wide definition of entrepreneurship as the development of innovative technological solutions that solve real user problems and that are capable to be economically and socially sustainable.

Entrepreneurship is key in the way Télécom ParisTech envisions its teaching. The entrepreneurship approach favors an active and transdisciplinary way of learning as well as the development of crucial skills to enter the professional world. Students get to experience lean management, they use frugal engineering methodologies (to do better with less) and are encouraged to have a user centric, open and collaborative approach.

The CENE offers courses that are similar to acceleration programs through an “entrepreneurship option and the entrepreneur-student diploma. It also organizes various events related to entrepreneurship throughout the year.

In February 2017 , the CENE will launch a transdisciplinary space entirely dedicated to the development of student projects : the Design Studio.

Created at the end of 2015, the CENE brings together a team of researchers in innovation management, entrepreneurship and design as well as an entrepreneurship coordinator dedicated to students. It benefits from the support of Télécom Paristech Foundation and LVMH.