Clair-Antoine Veyrier



Bureau B435

I worked on three distinctive research projects in collaboration with members of Telecom ParisTech.

LOTOPA project : creativity in design

In collaboration with the Royal College of Art (London, Innovation Design Engineering program) and Tokyo Institute of Technology (CoDesign Lab), the  project aims to develop and assess methods in collaborative design creativity. Based on videorecordings and autoconfrontations of collaborative creativity meetings at the Royal College of Art, we have experimented four creativity workshop formats in design training for a total of 31 hours of video. The project focus on the role of socio-emotional aspects of interaction in creativity.

European project AVIDICUS 3 : Assessment of Videoconference-based Interpreting in the Criminal Justice System – Assessing the Implementation; 2014-16 (AVIDICUS 3)

The project focused on the use of videoconferencing in bilingual legal proceedings involving an interpreter. As part of the project, I conducted with Christian Licoppe a video-ethnography fieldwork at the National Court of Appeal for Asylum (CNDA – Cour Nationale du Droit d’Asile) in Paris. We observed and video-recorded such video-mediated bilingual courtroom hearings over a year and completed this corpus of naturally occurring bilingual hearings with semi-structured interviews of the professional participants.

VisioJustice (ANR)

The research is based on two video-ethnography fieldworks: one conducted in a regional Court of Appeal (‘Chambre de l’Instruction’) in France and another at the National Court of Appeal for Asylum (CNDA – Cour Nationale du Droit d’Asile) in Paris. The aims was to observe and analyse the implematation and generalisation of use of videoconference systems in courts.