Jordana Viotto



Jordana Viotto da Cruz is a PhD student in Economics in the SES department at Telecom ParisTech and at Université Paris XIII. Before joining the PhD program, she obtained a Master degree in Economics and Management with a specialization in Network Industries and Digital Economics delivered jointly by six French institutions – including Télécom ParisTech (Master IREN). 

Research Topic:

The focus of her thesis is digital two-sided markets, in particular crowdfunding platforms. She is interested in the dynamics of participation on both sides of these platforms as well as the use of crowdfunding as an informational mechanism where entrepreneurs can learn about how the “crowd” evaluates their ideas. These studies use econometric analysis of web scrapped data, proprietary data, and ad hoc surveys. 


Supervisors: Marc Bourreau (Télécom ParisTech) and François Moreau (Université Paris XIII)