Studio Design


/ For students to kick-off the project they love /

The Studio Design is a space entirely dedicated to the development of students’ projects. It complements the school’s FabLab, which provides students with tools such as 3D printers or laser-cutting machines. It offers them a transdisciplinary modular space that promotes collaboration, creativity and quick prototyping. In the Studio Design you will find tools such as computers with dedicated softwares, crash test devices, mecanic and electronic prototyping tools.

The Studio Design is divided into two subspaces : the “atelier” and the “residence”.
While the “atelier” is open to every student, the residence is a professional space where residents are selected on their commitment to deploy their project. As residents, they get specific coaching and high visibility within and outside Télécom ParisTech.


Project coordinators : Samuel Huron and Sophie Boudin
Chairs involved :
– CENE led by Thomas Houy
– I3F led by Valérie Fernandez